Manager: Wikipedia cannot define it without using the word Manager or Manage or Management…

That really blew my mind. With the relative ease of access to a thesaurus or the web to look up synonyms, they couldn’t come up with a better way to define what many list as their “job title’?

I decided to look a little further… had this to say:

“Regardless of title, the manager is responsible for planning, directing, monitoring and controlling the people and their work.”

#HOP I don’t get to control anything… or anyone! I must be doing this wrong.

In recent memory, almost all managers/bosses have been depicted as dim-witted, unreasonable, over-compensational and generally un-cool. Why?

Well, I’m going to look into the reasons why, while trying to convince anyone reading this that not ALL managers fit into that stereotype… (google image search “Manager” and you see a bunch of 30-40 something white guys in boring suits… ok, that part might be fairly accurate)


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