More than a sweater and a smile


You can’t really go very far into the topic of TV Dad’s and Male role-models without talking about Cliff.

How’s he a manager? Try having 5 Kids, being a doctor and be married to a lawyer. He did set a pretty high standard – not just for a person of color in the mid-80’s, but for men, period.

Style -Flexing is a topic you will hear in any corporate management training program. It’s a skill that human’s are not necessarily born with, but one that ends up separating successful leaders who can influence a variety of personalities, in any situation  from those who can only influence those with similar motivational tendencies. Throughout the course of the Cosby series, you will see Cliff use different value systems and motivational techniques to get the most out of his children, his marriage and professional life.

Many people can misinterpret this skill as being disingenuous, but this is why I like to use Cliff as the example, because he was anything but sneaky or underhanded. If your intentions are to understand what motivates an individual and you incorporate that understanding into a tailored message, you are insuring the highest potential outcome. That’s good management.

How many of you can recite the “regular people” speech? This changed my life


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