Trust me, I’m a Doctor

Percival “Perry” Ulysses Cox, M.D. (Scrubs)

You’ve been there… juggling multiple requests, providing guidance to those who look to you for advice, politicking with upper management, fighting for the justice of the deserved, all while managing a mean hangover…. yup. Enter the flawed and vulnerable reality of being a leader. Everyone expects you to know everything – why else are you there? Everyone expects you to be able to handle pressure, you’ve done it before… Everyone expects you to understand when they make mistakes, because you’ve made a million. We have their list, but what about you? What do you expect from yourself?

Uncompromising Values. This is less of a skill and more of a behavior. We all have our own belief systems, deep down inside we know what we believe in.  What are you willing to lay out your life for and what are you not willing to do for any amount of money? Those are things you can’t and shouldn’t compromise. TRUST ME, you will be asked to test your limits, you might even go there on your own, but crossing the line is something that can have a profound affect on how you continue to conduct yourself and how you treat those around you.

Dr. Cox – HDIC on Scrubs, has a well shielded code of personal ethics, which were often juxtaposed by his larger than life personality. At the heart of every decision, he always put the lives and health of his patients first. Now, he probably could have used some Style-Flex lessons from Cliff Huxtable, but no one is perfect. I like using him as an example of someone who exemplifies a very overt value system. I don’t necessarily agree with the way his character goes about upholding that value system, but the real take-away here is that he’s not borrowing someone elses.

As a manager you will face very tough decisions, often times you cannot rely on a textbook or even peers to give you the answer you already have in your heart. Don’t shut it out, embrace it, wear it on your sleeve, it is who you are.

Now wasn’t that sanctimonious!


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