When I decided that I wanted to go back to school, there were a host of motivations – improve my standing in my professional career, make me feel better about my social status, set a good example for my kids, fill some empty wall space in my office… etc..


Along with the motivation came with an equal amount of apprehension. I’m not 19 anymore, I have more than a full time job, I have a family – so time commitment is a tradeoff, then there is the financial investment… But much like the feeling of sitting on the edge of a pool with my feet dangling into the water, there is a point where you have to decide whether you jump in or towel off.

I wasn’t ready to walk away from the opportunity to better myself. I am so glad I took the step. There is something that happens when certain energies are activated, whether it happens chemically in our brains or there is a metaphysical occurrence, the proverbial light goes on. I love that feeling.

The feeling isn’t necessarily isolated to school or education – try taking a vacation from anything in your life. When you come back to it, there is a rush of new found appreciation and enthusiasm for that thing. I have subconsciously been doing this music for years. I would classify myself as a hip-hop head, but I go for long stints of not listening to any hip hop – most recently I dove deep into the current alternative music scene and I was really starting to dig it. As the music stopped on my ipod, I was flipping through my albums and decided to listen to an old hip hop classic, and I was transcended to another time and space – this is the only way I can explain the feeling. Thats the feeling I felt when I stepped into a classroom for the first time in a decade.

It made me think of the old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. This might be true, but what about old tricks that haven’t been used for a while. Newton’s Law taught us about an equal and opposite reaction in a physical sense, but what if emotion was also subject to a similar law. We’ve heard absence makes the heart grow fonder and that familiarity breeds contempt. Think about those statements – they are diametrically balanced, opposite, but equal.






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